Textialpaca has developed a Social Responsibility Strategy to balance its value chain. This strategy has a 360 approach and is called "We Care", precisely because we care and we believe in our people and their talent. Unfortunately, the country we live in has a significant number of vulnerable areas and contexts, which often seem to have been forgotten despite being the ones that need the most attention and support. These circumstances led us to Callalli, a small beautiful town located in the upper regions of the Peruvian Highlands. We met this town's inhabitants and wanted to change their lives for the better, with a project that would provide them opportunities and tools for their development.

As part of this strategy, Textialpaca has also launched the “Rupha” line, which means warmth in the Quechua language. This line’s main objective is to empower women through their talent to knit, supporting at the same time, their families, community and environment. We offer them workshops with designers in order to help them improve their skills and the product standardization. This way, they are capable of making high quality products to export. We generate a sales channel for them by adding their products to our catalogs, but these products' income are, in its whole, for the women who made them. With this channel, we provide a constant source of work for their skills and we contribute with their growth, encouraging them to enhance their talent. Each product they make carries an extra hang tag that identifies it, so that the customer can know more about the women who made it and their stories. In this manner, the experience is way more personal and valued.

Beyond being able to offer this financial support, we seek to truly get involved with the community in order to contribute with other aspects that are also needed. For example, the psychological and familiar ones. For this matter, we give them specialized talks that go from women empowerment and leadership, to how to deal with their children in adolescence and vocational counseling for them.

Although this line of products is not an income source for Textialpaca, there is no greater reward for us than being able to impact this community for good. Helping other people is truly beautiful and gratifying and reminds us that every action counts. With that being said, we hope we can help more vulnerable communities over time and provide their inhabitants with more and better opportunities through projects such as libraries, educational scholarships, jobs in our company, etc. These projects will be financed with a percentage of our annual sales since 2021.

Let's make it happen!

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